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How did this project start? This is the story about Saturn V.

The story behind SATV: when a bunch of random crypto lovers get together

It all started with a new listed coin… An unknown developer (we’ll kindly call him SATURNoshi Nakamoto) launched a coin with 1BNB as liquidity. He renounced ownership and locked liquidity… and that was it.

The events then begin in the the BSC StreetBets Telegram group. Created by ApeCaptainJack, this group is usually the first one to call newly and safe released coins… And on his radar right after the creation of the contract: SaturnV (SATV).

SATV came to the attention of Reta and Meng3r, two valued members of this community. They liked SATURNoshi Nakamoto’s idea and the tokenomics he created: every transaction triggered a 3% tax with 1% being equally divided between holders, 1% transferred to the liquidity pool, and the 1% remaining being permanently burned.

The two new found companions saw the potential behind SATV and took matters into their own hands. Reta created a Telegram channel and paid for the website; Meng3r opened his wallet to pay for an audit of the code.