You can stake your SATVGv2 and earn even more SATVGv2 just doing… nothing!

Not fed up with auto-compounding rewards? Farm more SATVG here!

It’s time for the SATVG team to reveal our next partnership & farm with the The Token Kennel! 

“The Token Kennel is an innovative twist on staking as a service platform that requires much less tokens to be supplied by the project to feed the reward pool. Our fully customizable and custom solutions can help add usecases and value to any project. The Token Kennel provides you a place to discover new projects and earn passively on some of your favorites. The implementation of premium staking will allow industry leading earning potential on blue chip tokens such as WBNB.”

Guide on how to stake

Simply stake your SATVG tokens in the token kennels boarding platform and watch your SATVG balance grow! There is a 10% Boarding fee and a 10% unboarding fee. 100% of these fees feed the boarding reward pool. 5% of the reward pool is paid out daily proportional to the amount of your stake! The right strategy we suggest is to stake for a mid-long term to grasp the full potential of these rewards! Rewards are added to your staked balance and auto compound! 

The Boarding platform link to farm will be update here soon.

Requirements: hold 250 KENNEL Tokens which can be purchased here

Step 1. Buy and hold 250 $Kennel

Step 2. approve your &SATVG on the platform

Step 3. Board how many you want of each

Step 4. Profit as you Hodl

That about covers it

Problems connecting on mobile? try:

Make sure you are on the BSC Network!