NFT Farming

You can earn exclusive NFT just by farming with your SATVGv2 tokens!

Earning exclusive SaturnV NFTs is so easy…

Just by holding and staking them in Unifty, the NFTs earning platform, you will be able to get these amazing exclusive NFTs.

There are only 15 of each of them, so go for it!

There will be added new NFTs soon, so stay tuned.

How to earn SaturnV Gold NFTs in Unifty

Using Unifty is easy to use for this purpouse. Its globaly know for NFT farming inside the ETH and BSC networks.

First enter into SaturnV Gold Unifty section.

After that click on “Stacking Options Button”

Connect your wallet and click the ammount desired to stake! Earn points just by stacking and obtain your desired NFTs. 

The more you stake the faster you can farm!

PD: Be aware that the minimum ammount to stake is 10000 SATVGv2 and max 50000 SATVGv2.