How are the tokenomics working?

SaturnV Gold v2 automatically and constantly generates yield for the holders as well as automatically and constantly increasing the token’s price floor by adding liquidity in the smart contract.

SaturnV Gold v2 employs 3 simple functions: Frictionless Yield + LP acquisition + Burn in each trade,

Each transaction is taxed a 3% fee, which is split 3 ways:

  • 1% fee redistributed to all existing holders
  • 1% fee add to the liquidity pool
  • 1% fee burn to dead address 0x00

Until now

Initial Maximum Supply16,500,000 SATVGv2

Total Supply: 11,400,000 SATVGv2

Marketing allocated: 1,250,000 SATVGv2

Development fees: 750,000 SATVGv2

Tokens burned: 5,100,000 SATVGv2